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EvE - Infinity - V.1.1b

Mugen Infinity  is based on the Mugen Engine [  a total reconstruction based on the LEGACY 1.1 Screenpack] 

  • What is mugen ? Mugen is a free to play Open source 2D fighting game developed in the 1999 by the Elecbyte with  unlimited possibility of editing and coding, For example you can add or create custom characters to your roster, using apposite programs like Fighter Factory, create or download from internet stages, Screenpacks, musics, characters, and game modes.

Info : 

Freely Moddable Open Source Game

 [You can use it as start for create  Custom Fighting Games] 

Chars : 1200+

Stages : 366+

HD graphics  : Yes

Reshade Filters : [with unlimited editing] : Yes

Characters and stages pixelated Effect : Fixed

Key binding : Free key binding and Ps3 - ps4 - Xbox 360 - keyboard support ( even for the most of the other non brand Pads)

If you want to add more characters you must use Vselect , a separate program

which you can find here :  [https://gamebanana.com/tools/6090].

There isn't any kind of limit about the editing you can do about this game : totally open source.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

MUGEN Infinity  Gameplay :

[Game Modes]

    1. Arcade

    2. Versus

    3. Team arcade 

    4. Team-versus

    5. Team-co op

    6. Survival

    7. Survival Coop

    8. Training

    9. Watch

    10.  [ Parsec Multiplayer Co-op Mode 1v1 - 2v2]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[Game Menu] :


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[Character Select]  :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

19-11-2019 Roster :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

EvE Infinity :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Story :

The  Infinity Realm" is a virtual copy of the Hyperuranion ; the seventh sky of Plato ; the last dimensional plane, the last physical stratification of every universe ; where all the  concepts and  ideas from every parallel universe ;  takes life ; There are two distinct kind of universes and realms, where all the parallel universes are divideds ; The physical realm, and the realm of ideas, everything that exist in the phsycal realm, existed before in an archetipal concept and form  ; inside the ideas realm,  here, is where everything meets everything,  here, is where the human beings and animals goes during the REM phase ; When Mugen was created, some peoples around internet have created many versions of  the "Mugen" engine, from the first one by elecbyte, year after year and month after month, more and more characters  have been added into this virtual reality ; The Mugen Engine. This has created a strange situation ; the datas from the imagination realm (that is inside the human mind) is became arid, and has been copied inside the Internet ; in a virtualized version  :

The technology is the new stage where the heroes and villains from the multiverse challenges together.

Inside the mugen engine, all the informations of the super heroes, characters and archetipal images of every concept, are trappeds inside Mugen, and they will must run into the Mugen tournament if they want to escape from this reality ; where they will be obligeds to fights together, create new alliances, teams up and new wars ; everything will be done for trying to escape from this holographic trap ; Your Computer. 

Every idea, every fantastic concept and piece of consciousness, born form the biggest minds, creators of comics and famous (and even less famous..) games and novels, movies and comics, animes and mangas ; are here ; inside your computer, trappeds in an infinite game. Demiurge is the Mugen master, he is the owner of this cosmic Virtual tournament simulation ;  he is an artificial intelligence, a kind of virtual consciousness that rules this game, will you be capable to  make escaping  all the fantasy characters of the imagination realm, making return them inside their respective universes ?  :             

Will be Everything vs everything,.. 


Final Boss  :

The mind of Demiurge is G.A.D.U,  his transformation in fractal form ( numbers interpretateds as geometrical form) his form is a pyramid with one eye. 

It controls the material aspect of his matrix. He has created a genealogy of creatures, createds by his own will : they're known as the primordial races ; (angels and demons)  presents both in our real universe and inside the last universe of all the ideas and abstract concepts (Hyperuranion) ; Someone has copyed a fragment of G.A.D.U's consciousness inside the Mugen engine, making become it the leader of this 2D Fighting simulation.

        The Trinity of Anti-God  -


      [ G.A.D.U ]   :

        [ The   YHWH    consciousness   in Mugen ]



      Ahriman [Spirit] :

      (The Living Destruction )




Demiurge [Soul] :

 [The Living Emptiness]

Our  "Real " Universe :

Our universe is a matrix like all the other realities;  What can guarantee to us, that even our universe isn't a kind of hyper realistic simulation ?

man thinks that he has the human capability to imagine inside his cranium ;

He ignores completely that, for a mathematical matter of fact, any combination of abstract, imaginative and fatastic "ideas", are already a verified mathematical reality inside  completely unaccesible  parallel universe, part of series of other parallel universes.

"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created it."

-Albert Einstein


 Your Mission 

In MUGEN infinity your mission is to free all the characters from this realm that Demiurge has trapped inside: 

This entity wants to extend his " control" over  the rest of the other realities ;some universes have different gods,  structures and laws, depending about their own creators, So there will be even strange creatures, gods and plenty of realities without any compatible logical sense or logical interpretative structure and meaning for our  human conceptions.Every image, concept or idea,  character or history of someone imagined by the human mind in history ; already existed before the space and time inside an another parallel universe, without that we're  knowing it, the imagined stuff is a copy  without realizing it, of real facts separateds from us by an abyss of nothingless ; everything travels in the dreams, dreams are the connection with parallel universes. We're in fact, inside the human mind, made of the same substance of the Dreams. 

"Fall inside your own mind, defeat Demiurge 

and save from the control of Demiurge the Imagination Realm ".

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gameplay :

Arcade Mode with Sonic :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[Options]  :

Keys : W,a,s,d movement,  Numpad menu selection and attack during the fights.

- Will you be capable to reach "Demiurge" The  Mugen Master  ?

Fight into the Arcade mode against 100 chars from all the universes, Defeat thanos, combat against the gods and meet at the end of your battles the true Demiurgical divine Entity that created " The Mugen Tournament".

Characteristics :

  • 2d Marvel vs Capcom Style Game, with 8 bit characters, 16 bit characters,  and 32 bit characters.
  • Roster of 1410 Characters and 355 Stages, free to be edited as you want (use Vselect for add chars).
  • Pixelate graphic issue Fixed and sharpened with the Free built in Reshade Plugins  for edit the game graphic as you want.

[You can add and create infinite shaders and filters for your game]

  •  Stages from various games and themes, and exception fors some characters like the Mortal Kombat chars that have their own style, graphic and movesets.
  • Infinite editing and infinite possibilities of modifying the game as you want.
  • Free to modify it as you want ( you can partecipate to this project, and implement whatever kind of modify to the game, [must be approved by the creator for being inserted in the official future releases] nonetheless, you can apport modifies to your custom mugen game and maintain yours the ones not accepteds into the final builds of this serie.

The famous 2D Fighting game engine is Back ; This time totally recreated and optimized : there is  Literally Everything versus Everything. 

 This is the definitive Experience with the Retro 2D fighting games like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 -  Capcom vs SNK - King Of Fighters -  and Mortal Kombat Styles - Even More extra chars like N64 Mario - Sonic - and Gameboy Advance Sprites.

 and this time .. even with a weak possibility to avoid the single player mode, and playing with a multiplayer experience, using programs like Parsec.

 Will you be so much Lucky to finish the Arcade Mode and defeat 100 chars into  one single  Run ?  You can discovert this, Only Playing it, and exploring every, single character, from the most weak to the most Cheap, from the kids characters, until to reach the abysses of multiverse Darkness, until to defeat  the gods of Higher Dimensions . The multiverse is unlimited, so there will be unlimited combinations of Battles.

Special Bosses  :

[Edit] External Help and Collaboration for the IKEMEN Implementation for a better multiplayer Experience, Is accepted and i have the arms opens for anyone wants to help me with the coding of a real Multiplayer Mode implementation.

Giant Monsters PACK DLC 1  :

Enjoy !

                                      The end is here ...

  Credits  :

   [Characters Owners / Relative Universes inside the Game]  :




Buy Now3.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 3.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

M.U.G.E.N Infinity 1.1b - 02-04-2020
M.U.G.E.N Infinity 1.1b 02-04-2020

Development log


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(1 edit)

If you find problems with the exe of the game, the game doesn't start or crashes, try to bring the entyre game folder of the game to the root of your SSD or hard disk. (so insted of any path like program files x86, bring instead the game directly to :  C:/Mugen) this fixes a lot of permissions problems due to UAC of windows 10.

(2 edits)

for the sake of god, create a free mega account and log in before you download the game, or you will be unable to download it. download mega downloader and youo will be fine. with the browser the download will be too long.

This shit doesn't work.... I have the lastest Predator HELIOS 300, You ripped US all off brother. THAT'S BAD...

(1 edit)

what's the problem bro ?

i had a lot of problems with this shit of flazio, the web host that i choose for maintain the download link active after the purchase for every user.

The site had a lot of problems, and anytime it 

the monthly subscription expires to keep it, the site closed the download link for the game. I can only tell you that it made me rage a lot, now however, the download link is available again.
flazio sucks, he makes available a purchase system that is farragiunous,
remember that you need to create a mega account for download the game, 
and i raccomand you to create
it before you purchase the game.
Lots of peoples remained stuck in the purchase process, and didn't downloaded
the game because they didn't created a mega account.
Mega is the only place in the universe where i can put the download link of
the game.
I thin that soon or later, i will remove forever the game from internet,
because the flazio monthly subscription for maintain alive the
download link makes me spend more of what i  gain back, so for a matter
of difference,actually maintaining the game active on internet is 
making me loose more moneys of what i should gain for all the work that i did. 

I have paid to download and i cant.Only appear a link to download another thing that is not the mugen.
The download link s FAKE


no puedo descargar,esos links no sirven

no nnn

i cant download the game can you give me the link?

im trying to buy the game bro. 

Link not working for me either

I bought the rights to play the game but havent received the download link.  I have already submittted payment to paypal. for game pack.


still not working, I also bought

(1 edit)

now you can download it, repurchase, and if you have already purchased and you cannot redownload, give me your paypal and i give you back 1 dollar. http://www.mugen-eve-infinity.com/home?r=146856

Now the game is updated and new, has a lot of new features.

The download link has beed reuploaded, it's new and re-made from zero.

it redirects to http://default.flazio.com . Please fix that. Also, i Already bought the rights to play it.

Hey Shaxer, I don't know if this is going to sound dumb, but I can't seem to understand how to have all the 1200+ characters fit on the selection screen. If you could show it to me it would be much appreciated.

Either way, this is a fantastic collection and I want to thank you for sharing it, my friends and I are having a great time with it, even if we can't seem to be able to use all the characters.

Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

(1 edit)

Thank you very much.

for do all the work of ordering characters inside the selection screen, i was very helped by a program (that you can find inside the game itself) called " vselect". He gives you all the informations about how to add, change, replace and remove characters with a graphic layout, without coding.

But i've and other peoples have found a problem  ; after hours of use of vselect, it can corrupt your select.def file, for fix this you have to open the select.def file with notepad++ and replace all the "\" with"/", in replace options. all the \ must became /.

Vselect is a good piece of software, but is extremely fulfilled of glitches and bugs, i worked hard for try to fix all his messing up with the select.def files, because this program is the only one in the entyre internet that does this operations,and has a tendency to corrupt the file of mugen.

However it's easy to fix ; it necessary to reopen select.def and remove the wrong symbols.

another thing ; (only with windows 8 and 10) mugen crashes randomly after 3 hours of gameplay, and vselect, always only with windows 10 and 8, crashes randomly after 2 hours of adding and adjusting characters.

There is a bug inside mugen, that's why i've put it almost for free ; 

1 usd and i will never augment the price neither for 1 cent,

the bug is that the game has inside, it's a bug from the elecbyte.inc hase made itself ; the game in the version 1.1 it's extremely unstable, 

and crashes randomly in win 8 and 10.

It's impossible to fix because it's connected with the opengl library of mugen, which takes a lot of ram exponentially during the gameplay ; more you play, more the amout of ram used by the process of mugen takes memory, until it crashes.

This seemsly that doesn't happen in windows 7 and lower operative systems version

Next times, maybe, i will find how to fix that problem, because previously, i don't remember the exact order of operations that i did with the managment of order in arcade mode, inside the mugen.cfg settings, but i remember that in a previous (lost) version of mugen eve infinity, i was able to fix that problem even with win 10 and win 8 systems ; 

i don't remember well, but i believe that i was playing with the inner settings of mugen engine, changing the max number of players cache and stuff like memory managment settings, 

the result was that after an entyre gameplay of 4 hours, the game never ever crashed in arcade mode and survival.

i don't remember what i did, but i was able to fix the problem,

then i changed again the number of player cache, other settings that i don't remember and stuff like that, and the bug of the random crashing appeared again...

Why are you asking for donations?

I never asked for donations, from the last episode, i put the game for free.

It was the lunar sales, i removed it immediately.

keep calm man, stay for sure that i will never gain a penny again with this game.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude or anything.

Anyway, I like the theme you got here. It's not just "hey, I'm posting my Mugen collection". Did you make the screenpack?

don't worry, 

however yes, i made the screenpack by  starting from one already made, changing it from the fundamental lines until i've completely changed it.

Other stuff instead has been made entirely from zero, like the selection screen, beta testing, chars balancing in health and attack, 

chars positioning in the select.def, general system configuration (options, key binding, game settings, memory management,)

characters reordering based on theme and age of release,  characters conversion to Add004 lifebars, for each every one of them,

every characters fixing in portrait, some buggy sprites fixing, conversion to the correct mugen version and in some of them the setting of correct scaling. Then the order of appearance in arcade mode. some characters from zero and musics and stages assigment to every char and every stage, 

some stages from zero (3 or 4, the evangelion ones and the godzilla one)

and last but not least ; the game site and banners.

that's all what i've made by myself, the rest is by others.

Deleted 57 days ago
Deleted 57 days ago
Deleted 57 days ago
(1 edit)

hi just bought the game thanks but having a problem after the VS screen it errors out cant find certain files like background and characters-can you help me out thanks


Initializing select screen...finding characters...
  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

  Error reading character file: chars/blank/blank.def

Library error message: Error reading sprite INTRO.sff
Cutscene error reading data/INTRO.def

Error detected.

Error loading storyboard: INTRO.def
BG error reading Stages\abysshi1-1.def

(2 edits)

Try to re-download the game,

because these kinds of errors, are really really bizarre ;

on the 80% of the peoples that played the game, you're the first one that reports a kind of problem like that ; 

i suggest you to do 2 things ; 1) delete completely the game and re extract it from winrar, ensure you that it doesn't give you any kind of error during the extraction of the files

2) if the problem persists, delete the .rar and re download the game and re extract the files.

3) if you're talking about the " eve" mugen, it is not supported anymore, i give support only on the final release of the game, the 2019 one ; the "eve infinity. one"

ensure that you have a clean computer, without messed up OpenGL drivers and video drivers, with enough ram and with windows 10 at least.

IF these errors are given to you randomly, remove the char that gives you the error, opening ; Vselect, searching the char on the left names list of all the included chars in the game, and  pressing with the left mouse button and deleting it. for search quickly the chars names, you can press the initial letter many times until you find  it ; take in mind that some chars are incompatible with other in rare cases ; You can also move the squares maintaining pressed the left mouse button and moving the mouse ; 

Remember that this game is not complete in terms of stability, already the original vanilla start up mugen application from the 1.1 version always had a stability problem that made it crash many times randomly, and  this kind of error was never fixed by Elecbyte, if your game gives to you this error, i suppose that is related to a random crash of the game via chars incompatibilities between other chars that appears in the roster ; for resolve the problem ( only if these crashes are randomly and rarely generateds) take the char that appears in the error message when the game hangs, and replace it with another one, maybe downloaded from internet ; remove it from the roster. Inside Vselect,  For select more chars in one row, take pressed Shift + left mouse button and you'll see that you can select entire rows with 1 click ( click 1 char : maintain shift + left click on other far awat char = you selected an entire row.

REMEMBER : If your errors are quite frequently generateds, is a big extraction problem or messed up files during the download/ extraction from winrar

if your errors are given during the battles, not really frequently ; is more probable that your game is intact, and it's the famous specific char +  another specific char combination that can appear in the battles, that gives you the crash ,for fix that remove the glitched char.

this kind of errors are more frequent in windows 8.

Are there any clone characters?

There are very similar charachters between them, but there is absolutely 0 identical chars.

Example : spiderman, but no clones of spiderman, but :

1) symbiote spiderman

2)ultimate spiderman

3) dock ock spiderman

4)ben raily

etcetera, for every char there are almost every possible variant but no clones.

Hi could you update to a mediafire / google drive link to download. the download size exceeds the transfer limit of Mega

No problem, i will try to do it right now.

Thanks for the tip.

Awesome, thanks.

No problem, looking forward to it!

(1 edit)

I'm sorry, i forgot to tell you ; for broke the maximum mega download limit  you should create a mega account, free, then log in and then download the game.

At this point, you'll see that you can download the game without any problem and for free.

I've tried with mediafire, but has a limit of 500 mb of upload like many other sites..

hello how do i change settings in e.v.e , is there no menu?

For change the game settings open the mugen.cfg file inside the data folder of the game, there you will find game settings to change.

An another System file of Mugen, is System.def, even this file can be opened like many others, with a notepad or a text editor, for change the game main settings.

yes I bought this and when i try to load it up click on it loads a white screen i leave it alone and three hours go by and still nothing shows up.any ideas.

Ok, try to change the video rendering from openGL to directx, but i don't guarantee you that will work, usually generates strange graphic glitches, often with the chars portarits.

However there are a plenty of possible solutions for your problem

you'll find the settings that you have to change inside the mugen.cfg file

open mugen.cfg with a text editor, and where is written ; " 

 ;Screen rendering mode.
 ;OpenGL - Experimental OpenGL renderer (recommended)
 ;System - default SDL rendering mode (e.g. windib in Windows)
 ;DirectX - DirectX 5 renderer
 ;System and DirectX modes do not support advanced features
 ;such as RGB sprites and window resizing.
RenderMode = OpenGL  ;<---- change this to DirectX

change render mode to directx. and save the file.

if that didn't work, do some tests trying a combination with this other option (always inside mugen.cfg) : 

  ;Set to 1 to free system.def data from memory whenever possible.
  ;This decreases memory usage, in exchange for loading time
  ;before system screens.
UnloadSystem = 0   


change " unload system" from 0 to 1.

if this didn't worked, try  all these tips :

1) Update you gpu drivers, check the minimum system requirements, and do some virus scans inside your pc,

i suggest you to do a general cleaning, because mugen takes something like 2 minutes to load itself,

even old machines, so if the game is slow or has some problems, do some upgrades to your pc and clean it.

2) clean your computer from the temporary files, cookies and trash,  for do that,  programs like Ccleaner can help you,

3) free your disk space, add some ram,  and try to click one time the blank space during the loading times of mugen

4) A big tip is to  start the game from the " launcher.exe" file, or from the 4v4 launcher (if there is it) instead of using mugen.exe.

5) clean your computer from viruses and malawares.

6) is coming a new update of the game, so in the next 20 hours from when  i started to write this post,  will be available for the download.

the new version is called " Beta 1.2",  and you'll see that very much is changed, new chars, new stability, new improvements and new game modes, graphic and filter, and much much more now has been bettered.


Nothing still do u know anything elese maybe

Redownload the game, i have updated it 10 minutes before writing what are you reading now : https://gabrielsan.itch.io/mugen-infinity

still this game is not working for me it's just a white blank screen any ideas would love to play this.

(1 edit)

For changing the settings of eve you have to go in mugen1 folder, for the main settings you have to modify mugen.cfg file with a text editor.

But there are even other files like system.def and fight.def,

every .def and .cfg file, controls an aspect of the game.

A quicker way to edit the select screen is using a program known as Vselect, that gives you the possibility to  move the characters cells, and edit with a graphic layout without coding, but before you must give to the program the path of where you have installed your mugen, so you have to tell him where the mugen.exe is located.

The mugen main settings, like resolution, video settings and performance settings, are inside : mugen.cfg

the screenpack main settings are inside :  System.def

The characters selection screen settings are inside : Select.def 

you can find in the  description  the  Vselect download link (the program for modify select.def without coding).

(3 edits)

Next 2 months will be available a new version.

Still in development : will be available for everyone has already buyed the game :

There will be New graphic, new chars, balanced powers, balanced health, balanced attacks, bug fixes,better arcade fighters sequence, new HD screenpack, New Menu and Music.